Peacock Colors Afghan Swap


All these lovely colors are going to end up in 20 afghans!

I’ve begun work on my second afghan swap. This one will be done in some of my very favorite colors. Any color that might be found in a peacock feather can be used. Same rules as the Beige Swap–make 20 12-inch squares, knit or crochet, any pattern, and send them in. Receive back, a bundle of surprises, created by the other participants. The deadline for this one is July 4 (hmmmm…. wonder why we didn’t do red, white and blue instead??). Ah well, these colors will be lots more fun!


I am so excited about these colors. Some of my very favorites!

I already bought my bag of yarn and I am eager to get started. I even made a little sample using some of the colors…. presenting…. the peacock feather:

This was fun.... not sure whether I'll finish all the little green fronds, or just use it as a center for one of my squares.

For block #1, I created my own pattern: Four Petal Square. Four squares slip stitched together create the 12-inch block. Mighty gorgeous, if I do say so myself!!

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :

Peacock block 1

Peacock colors block 1


Peacock Colors block 2


Peacock Colors block 3


Block #4, and the design for it. I drew the chart as I completed each portion. I rarely plan ahead. Freeform is so much, well.... freer!!


Now this is some serious purple!!


More circles, LOTS more colors!!


This is going to be block #7. Right now, it measures about 7". I plan to add more flowers, not sure how yet. I'm waiting for 'inspiration'....


The beginnings of blocks 7, 8, 9 and 10. How will they turn out? It's anyone's guess. Meanwhile, I'm moving on to #11!


Block #11--"Lacette"--very soft, very open, very lacy (and who knew that peacock feathers contained this color? Not me!!)


I rather like all those little tails. Maybe the next time, I'll make one that's covered in 'em!


Another lacy one, with a few little bobbles just for fun


Let's try out every color in the basket!


Some filet crochet in green


This one was so much fun, I decided to host a swap made entirely of kitty-cat squares!


A nice little flower garden


An easy way to create a design? Choose a variegated yarn, and let it do the work for you.

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