JustDodie, sipping my morning tea, before I get down to my 'yarnplay'

So, who is JustDodie? ….. just a retired lady who loves to knit and crochet dolls, bears, and other little projects. I’d much rather make a small item than a sweater or an afghan any day! Instant (almost) gratification and all that…

If you know me from Facebook as Joyce, well…. you can call me Dodie too. It’s a nickname I’ve had for many years. I’ll answer to either one.

<——– Yes, this is actually a fairly recent picture of me. No, I don’t look old enough to be retired. Good genes, he-he-he!!

When I’m not fiddling with my yarns, you’ll find me scrunched over the kitchen table, cup of tea at the ready, scribbling furiously in my journal. I’ve done it since 1965…. I was in high school…. I’ll let you do the math and figure out how old I am! :)

If you’d like to see some of my earlier stuff, feel free to check out my JustDodie Knit-Crochet page on Facebook, or go to my profile page and send me a friend request. I have photos there going back about three years. Also, I will be gathering up some of my really old stuff to post on my main blog page…. link to be posted when I get that finished.

You can also visit me at my ravelry page. I’m justdodie there also. Haven’t done much with that account though. Maybe…. one of these days.

And lastly, I have a few photos posted at my flicker account. My, my, I do have my stuff strung out all over cyberspace, don’t I?!

Some of my favorite things to knit are bears for the Mother Bear Project. I have sent my first box of bears (a total of eleven) and am getting ready to send another huge box of about 20 bears. These are sent to children all over Africa who are affected by HIV/AIDS. I also have knitted a number of ‘special request’ bears and other stuffed toys and fun things for friends and family. I love the challenge of coming up with a design that someone has requested. I charge a small fee–just enough to cover the cost of the yarn, and postage to ship them. Too bad I’m not particularly fast, or I would try to do lots more!! I now have bears, dolls, and other items living in a half-dozen states in the U.S.A. as well as in Australia and New Zealand!!

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