Flower Square Pattern

Square #13 of the beige/cream/taupe afghan swap

Adapted from “201 Crochet Motifs, Blocks, Projects and Ideas”, page 6


The original pattern produces a six-sided block of flowers. I added extra flowers at the corners, and then worked a row of hdc and sc around the edges to achieve a 12″ square.

Center flower: Wind yarn around finger to form a ring
1st round [3ch, 1tr, 3ch, ss in ring] 6 times
Fasten off and darn in ends.

First ‘ring of flowers’ (which will surround the center flower)
Work 1st flower in same way as center flower, until five petals have been completed.
Joining petal:
3 ch, keeping yarn to left of hook (behind), slip hook through top of tr on underside of one petal of center flower, then work tr in ring but pulling through 2 loops and strand of center petal to complete the st, 3 ch, ss in ring. Fasten off and darn in ends.

Work 2nd flower until 4 petals have been completed, then join 5th petal into next petal of the center flower and 6th petal in the adjacent petal of the 1st flower. Join 3rd, 4th, and 5th flowers in the same way. Work 6th flower until 3 petals have been completed, join 4th petal in adjacent petal of first flower, 5th in last petal of center flower and 5th in adjacent petal of 5th flower. Fasten off and darn in ends.

2nd ring of flowers Placing motifs so that 5th and 6th petals join in adjacent flowers join 6 motifs around 1st ring of flowers.

To make a square, instead of the six-sided block, once I got the hang of how the flowers interconnect with each other, I began adding extra flowers wherever necessary to fill out the corners. In fact, if you turn the block slightly from how it’s shown in the picture, you will see that any one of the six sides can be visualized as a row, with succeeding rows continuing upward. This made it easier for me to see where to place the extra flowers. If you’re confused as to how many petals to make before beginning to attach a flower, you can make just two petals, then begin connecting. If you don’t have the right number of petals when you have connected to all the adjacent petals, just add the number you need. I found this to be easier and it worked just as well.

The following is an approximation of how I worked the border:
Once you complete your square of flowers, there will be two sides where the flowers are of the same height (even side). There will be two sides where flowers will alternate–a low one, a high one (uneven side).

Starting with an even side
Round 1: Attach with ss in first petal of any flower, ch 3, sc in second petal, ch 4, in next flower [sc in first petal, ch 3, sc in second petal], ch 4. Continue in this way until you get to the corner. In corner flower, sc in top of each petal, with ch 3 in between each one.

To work ‘uneven side’
After working in last petal of corner flower, ch 4, reach down into previous row of flowers to tr in petal of ‘lower’ flower, ch 4. In next ‘upper’ flower [sc in first petal, ch 3, sc in 2nd petal, ch 3, sc in 3rd petal], ch 4. Tr into ‘lower’ flower as before. Continue in this way until the corner.

To work corner
Work ch 4 between flowers, [sc in first petal, ch 3, sc in 2nd petal, ch 3, sc in 3rd petal] of corner flower, ch 4. Repeat next two sides same as the first two. Join with ss, ch 2.

Round 2: Work 3 hdc in each ch-3 space, 4 hdc in each ch-4 space around. Continue around the corner flowers in a similar manner, but you will need to add some extra stitches to create the ‘point’ of the corner. I did this by finding the approximate ‘center’ of all the stitches I would be placing around the corner flower, and at this point add 2-4 extra TALLER stitches. I’m sorry I can’t be more exact on these instructions. It will all depend on the shape of your original flower block. For the one particularly odd corner (upper right in my picture), I worked progressively taller and taller stitches up to the center, then progressively shorter the rest of the way around the corner. This creates a ROUND corner for this round, which can be ‘squared’ on the next round. When round is completed, join, ch 1.

Round 3: Work sc in each hdc around. In corners, work extra hdc or dc to ‘square’ the corners. For the ‘odd’ corner, work taller and taller stitches as needed in order to shape the corner. Add 2-4 extra stitches at the center of the corner.

I chose to use hdc and sc to make my border because my block of flowers was already almost 12″ in size. If you work more tightly, you might prefer to use dc. I also think this might be nice with just the center flower and first ring of flowers, and a much wider border around it. That way, it would be much easier to achieve the square shape. I think I’ll work on that for the next one.

Hope you find these instructions understandable. I’m very much a ‘freeformer’ when it comes to my crocheting, so it’s hard to be exactly sure of what I’ve done. And even if I make the exact same block again, it’ll probably be different!!


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