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Burst of Peacock!


This one was so fun. No brain power required. Just go back and forth, back and forth, and make those cute little holes!


Some happy little spring-time flowers


Oh, did this kitty-cat get me in 'trouble'! I decided he was so cute, I wanted to make an entire afghan of cat squares. The next thing you know, I've signed myself up to host a 'cat-ghan' swap!! This ought to be great fun!!


A very pretty yarn called 'Water Lily', Red Heart with Love

I’ve gone a little crazy lately, getting some of my peacock squares finished up. It suddenly occurred to me that I only have another month or so to complete them, and well, I’m awfully slow and easily distracted. So I looked around, got myself organized, and began to see what I could work on.


First I turned out a quick little filet piece in one of my favorite greens. That gave me the incentive to actually work on one I’ve been dawdling over for weeks: the flowers! I made the mesh background for this a long time ago, and about three flowers. Then, I lost interest. Or found something new to pique my interest. Who knows? I can’t bear to work on the same thing two days in a row!!

Next, I decided to finally make the cat square that I’ve been mulling over in my mind for a while.Wow! Did that one ever turn out different from what I envisioned!! That’s the great thing about doing freeform–no rules, no mistakes, and you just never know what you’ll end up with!


After all this, it was time to do another ‘quickie’. I let the yarn do the designing for this one, and it didn’t disappoint! I ended up with an interesting set of stripes.

So, for a little while anyway, I feel like I’m finally catching up….

Next Phase of Beige


Here are the squares I received (all but one which is coming in the mail soon), trying to decide how to arrange them

And I thought the fun was over….. :( Nope, a whole new phase of fun is just beginning: I got my box of squares yesterday from the ‘Beige Afghan Swap’!! Oh what fun! Oh what excitement! Oh, how just like a little kid at Christmas!! The bloke stood there and snapped photos as I pulled square after square from that little box, and oohed and aahed over each and every one. I love them all! So now, I get to decide: How do I want to attach these together? Do I want to go conventional and make a tidy little 4′ x 5′ afghan to stretch across my bed? Or do I want to try something clever and creative, since this is my very first swap ever, and make it a bit special? I think……um…. the latter! Something unusual that I can hang on the wall, and be reminded, each time I glance at it, of all the new friends I’ve found since I joined the Yarnplayers Afghan Swap group. To remind me of the fun I had creating all those squares, and of all the fun that is in store for me in the future! (Yes, I’ve already committed to three more swaps!! :) )


I had already seen photos of the squares, so I knew what I was getting. But there’s nothing like getting my hands on the real deal! Studying and examining, figuring out who did which ones, and how they did it. This one still has me stumped:


That amazing knitted block that I saw online..... just as mysterious in person!

I’m going to give it a try. I can tell it is knitted corner to corner, in garter stitch. But that center openwork area?? Clueless! It may be as simple as repeated yarn-overs and decreases. Or it may be some intricate combination thereof, which I can only imagine. When it comes to crochet, I can usually study a piece and find a way to duplicate it. But knitting….that’s an entirely different story. It’s still all pretty much magic to me when those intricate designs come together and create a pattern!


Doug took two dozen pictures, all pretty much the same: me holding up different squares and grinning from ear to ear! But what the heck–I’ll post ‘em all! I’ve got plenty of server space! He-he-he!!


Let's start at the very beginning....


Look at Dodie dig in! She's pulling those squares out of the box so fast, the bloke's camera can barely keep up!!


Okay, let's see who made this thing.....


So.... if it has a turquoise marker, it must be......


Yes, it's definitely turquoise!


This one, from our fearless leader, the lady who started it all


A very nice, creamy knitted piece in bulky yarn


Oh, what tiny, delicate stitches!! This lady must be really fast! I prefer to work with large size hooks and needles because I am so s-l-o-o-w!!


Brown marker.... now who made that? I know, I know!!


Pretty flowers!!


It took me a while to decipher this color, but I finally got it!


Yippee!! I got one of the dragonflies! And there's my name tag, worn by my proxy who went to the exchange and picked my blocks for me (and a good job she did, I might add!!)


What? Another dragonfly??? How cool is that?!


Yep, two--count 'em--two, dragonfly squares! And both with the same color marker. Oops! I lucked out, didn't I?


Some more knitted magic--I could probably do this, if I had very accurate instructions, and followed them precisely. But I guarantee, I would still be amazed if it worked out! All those little lines snaking all over the fabric.... it's all magic to me!!


I KNOW this yarn--I have a stash of it in the back room! Very nice! (And the crocheting is pretty awesome too!)


Oopsie!! Here's another hot-pink marker! That's okay..... I like this one! Double strand, large needles... produces a very soft, drape-y fabric. One of my favorite things to do!


Here's another one that's easy to figure out--gray marker, right there at the top. Check out that nifty center square. Neat-o!! (OMG, I'm 61 years old--did I just say 'neat-o'??)


Super-soft, chenille! Like velvet.... love it!!


Delightful and delicate, like a snowflake.... better enjoy it quick, before it melts!


And here it is again.... that mysterious knitted piece that I have become so fascinated with....


Peek-a-boo!! Not sure why I'm hiding back there. I guess I wanted to peek through the holes that make up the heart.


**giggle** This looks suspiciously like the very first block I made for this swap! But I know it can't be--mine had a tan border. Great pattern--great minds must think alike!! He-he-he!


And last, but not least--a square I made for.... myself!! By 'stealing' someone else's idea, I was able to whittle this one down to size!

































































































































































































































































And there you have it–I think that’s enough photos of me for tonight… Tomorrow…. on to the design and connect phase!!

Beige-Latte Afghan Swap is Now History

Well, it’s a done deal! Yesterday was the big get-together for the ‘exchanging of the squares.’ Without me, of course, as California is very far away! But not to worry… I had an excellent proxy who chose me some delightful squares, and I can’t wait to get started creating my Friendship Afghan! And here they all are, lined up like little soldiers:


All the pretty blocks soon coming my way!

Oops!! Notice the third block from the left, top row?? He-he-he! That’s one that I made. But I already pointed it out and one of the ladies was happy to exchange with me to receive that one. So I will be receiving this one instead:


A knitted piece with lots of 'eyelets'


The two that I had to 'let go'


I can already see that this yarn will provide a good coordinating contrast for all the squares I'll be receiving

Kind of a tough call as I had two other knitted squares to choose from, and I liked them all.

So…. now, I just have to settle in and be patient…. and wait….

I have already chosen the yarn that I will use to connect all these squares together: Bernat Camouflage, ‘Desert Sand’. Not sure of the layout yet. That will be determined when I have them in my hot little hands and can start playing with them! :) However, I will be using the same variegated yarn that I used to ‘cinch up’ the knitted square I made (and didn’t send) because it turned out w-a-a-a-a-y too big!! The colors should be perfect to highlight each individual square!

There were so many pretty and interesting squares, I thought I’d show off a few in a little collage. First time I’ve ever attempted something like this, so there are a few little cracks and crevices. But all-in-all…. I think they’re pretty impressive!! Good job ladies–I enjoyed participating in this swap, and am well on my way to completing the squares for the next one!! :)


This is not all of them by any means. There were a total of..... let's see..... 20 people, 20 blocks each.... LOTS!!

Popcorn Plus


Here's my completed square in the pattern stitch, blocked, and coming up short by an inch or so


Today I decided to try the challenge of making a square from a photo of a stitch pattern posted by one of the ‘Peacock Swap” participants. It doesn’t appear to have a name, so I’m going to call it ‘Popcorn Plus’. I won’t guarantee that mine is exactly like the photo, but it sure looks close enough to make me happy!

I’ve drawn a chart to show how I made it. I thought that might be easier than writing out all the instructions. After drawing all those little tiny symbols, I’m not so sure now. :) I may write it out later anyway. At least for now, I have a record of it, in case I want to try it again.

Following are instructions:

(Peacock square #13)


Click on chart for larger size;

Chain 40
Work rows 1-5 from chart.
Repeat rows 2-5 until desired length
End by working one row of dc


  1. Work 5 double crochet (dc) stitches in the same stitch.
  2. Drop the loop from your hook.
  3. Insert your hook from front to back under the top 2 loops of the first double crochet of the group.
  4. Grab the dropped loop with your hook and pull it through the stitch.

This square ended up a bit small, so I worked a round of double crochet in contrasting color to finish it off.
: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :

What do you think? I think it’s a pretty good match!


This is the original photo that I worked from


My completed square--one round of dc added and it is now a perfect 12"



All the peacock colors I will be using in my next afghan swap. If you look closely, you might just see a partially finished block, waiting for some more flowers

Been away a while… but



Having finally completed all my beige blocks, and then taken a few days off for some reading, I’ve already forgotten my vow to work on UFOs. I jumped right back into that basket of peacock colors!


Just playing around, trying out ideas

A little doodling and dawdling–a flower, a spiral, a variation on my Four Petal Square, then I settled in to try a pattern from one of my books, in a nice rust color.


This one is a design called ‘Lacette’ from the book, “108 Crochet Cluster Stitches.”


This one turned out to be quite lacy and open. Gee, maybe that's why they called it 'Lacette'!

I’ll come back later and finish those ‘doodles’ if an inspiration hits me.

Or, in the case of the spiral, whenever I locate the design I so carefully drew a couple of weeks ago!


A freeform flowery surprise!



A freeform piece that totally surprised me! It needs, I think, to be surrounded by lots and lots of tiny little flowers!! Maybe knitted ones??





Oh my goodness, do I really want to weave in all these ends? How about if I just leave it 'as is' and call it 'wild-and-crazy-freeform'??


The picture that inspired me to make stripes


I did it--I did it!! I do believe I LIKE this one!!

This last, colorful, stripe-y square was inspired by a summery top on the cover of the Summer/August 2012 issue of “Interweave Crochet” magazine, but as usual…. it didn’t work out exactly like the picture! So I changed my plans and started over from scratch. I lined up all the solid colors from my peacock basket of yarns, then repeating the sequence of colors over and over, I used strands of yarn about seven feet long to work rows of hdc. I had to spend an entire evening weaving in all the ends, but I think the result was worth it!! (Started with 37 or 38 chains, I believe, using an I hook)

Tomorrow…. I have a great idea from a book entitled “Patchwork Knitting”. It should be fun, but unfortunately it may involve lots more weaving of ends. :(