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Getting Into Design Mode

Today was a very worthwhile day–I learned something new! I learned how to create a .pdf file so that I can make my patterns available as a download that people can print. And, it wasn’t even difficult. Or costly. Just wrote it up in Google Documents and downloaded it to my computer in .pdf format. Nothing to it! If I’d known it would be that easy, I might have tried it a little sooner.

I don’t know if I can really call it my design. I created it by looking at a photo that was posted by one of my yarn friends. I tried to duplicate the flowers, but I don’t think I was successful. Does that mean I actually didn’t plagiarize it? I hope so. Anyway, it’s my version of what I think are some very lovely flowers:


On the left, the picture that was posted online. On the right, my version as best I could duplicate it without a pattern

And here it is, the instructions for my copy of these flowers, my very first ‘official’ published pattern: A Big, Bright Flower

Texture Time


This yarn has become one of my favorites

This is such a luscious, creamy color! Caron One Pound, off white #514. I have no idea where or when I bought it. So I guess when it’s gone, it’s gone. :( I don’t normally go for neutral colors, but this one really caught my fancy. I’ve been using it quite a bit in my beige squares. Not only do I like the color, but it is very soft and easy to work with.


'X' Marks the Spot

I decided it’s time to concentrate on texture, and one color, so today’s square uses a number of stitches, and just this off-white yarn. Long, fully extended treble crochet stitches (instructions for this stitch included with the pattern), crossed, and featuring the back side of the stitch as the ‘right’ side gave a nice ‘pebbly’ effect. Just enough open space to keep it nice and flexible, I think this one would still provide quite a bit of warmth. I ended up doing a couple of rows of single crochet for the border, to bring it up to 12 inches.

If you’d like to try this one, the pattern is here

Geeks Reign!

Today is a day I sure am glad I’m just geeky enough to know how to write my own HTML code and create a web page! Facebook Notes….. you’re just a wee bit annoying for me today!! So, instead of publishing my latest pattern on my JustDodie Knit-Crochet Facebook page, here it is, on my blog…. where it ought to be anyway! :)

For the past two or three days I have been busily working on another freeform crochet block for my afghan swap group, this time in peacock colors! Also, this time, I’ve been charting the entire thing as I went so that I can share the pattern. Makes me feel ever-so-proud to get this pattern written up–but it sure does slow down progress! Hopefully, if I do it more often, I’ll get a little faster.


Peacock Colors Afghan square #4

So, here it is, in all it’s glorious colors–I sure am glad to be working with these colors. I think I’ll be doing quite a few more freeform squares for this one. Maybe some flowers next….

If you’d like to check out the instructions for this block, click here. Meanwhile, I’m heading back to my crochet hook, before it cools off….

A New Pattern

beiges, block #13

Just completed block #13. Seven to go and then I can start on my next afghan squares swap: 'peacock feather colors'!!

This is a square I made for an afghan swap group I belong to. I’m working right now on squares in beige, cream, taupe. Not my favorites (I love colors–the brighter the better), but I’m having  fun with them anyway, and concentrating more on pattern and texture, rather than the colors.

For this square, I started with a basic pattern from the book 201 crochet motifs, blocks, projects and ideas by Melody Griffiths.

I think I’ll try it again soon, perhaps in the ‘peacock feather’ colors that we’ll be using for our second swap.

Instructions for this square are  here. If you’d like to see all the blocks for this project that I’ve completed so far, they’re on my Beige Afghan Swap page.