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A Bit of Freeform

peacock starts


This one surprised me. That often happens! :)

With the completion of all those peacock blocks to urge me on, I figured it was time to incorporate some of those little scrumbles I’ve been toying with (instead of making real blocks, unfortunately). Some bullions, some peacock feathers, and other miscellaneous motifs that I can’t figure out what to do with next. I settled on the three little teal and aqua thingies (that started out with the notion of being flower petals), and decided to add some green, start working round and round, and see what happened. Woo-hoo!! I’m not sure what it is–but, I think I like it!! Not sure whether I want to work it into a square and give it away, or throw in a whole bunch more color and hang it on my own wall. Time will tell… These things often take their sweet time before they tell me what they want to be. Other than this, not much was accomplished at Dodie’s house today.

Sunday Inspiration


It's just as lovely inside!

I took a couple of hours today to pop in at my church and let them know I’m still alive (I’m a rather sporadic attendee at best). And afterwards, out for a bite to eat with my bloke at our favorite Chinese restaurant. I think I may be burning myself out on crocheting afghan squares, so it was nice to get out and think of something different. But when we wandered into the church, what do you suppose I saw everywhere I looked? Apparently, they’ve decided to display the antique lace again for a while. Lovely little crocheted lace tablecloths, everywhere! One in the hallway, another just outside the sanctuary doors, and this gorgeous piece in the foyer:


Lovely old lace tablecloths, just what I needed to give me a little inspiration

I’m afraid my cell phone camera just does not do it justice! I sat and admired and studied this for quite some time, until I figured I’d better break myself away before Duggy went off to eat without me!!

Turns out, he was in no hurry. After this, we decided to go out and sit in the meditation garden for several minutes and admire all the lovely flowers. I couldn’t tell you much about the sermon, but I did find plenty of inspiration today!


I've always loved these gorgeous plants!!

Magazine Sort


Sorting them into neat little stacks

There comes a time in every knitter’s life when it’s time for the dreaded magazine purge!! I subscribe to a number of both knit and crochet magazines, and I buy quite a few more off the rack. Impulsively. Without checking to see if I already have them. As a result, I regularly find magazines that I have bought twice!! Just think of all the yarn I could have bought, if only I hadn’t bought all those duplicate magazines!! :(

Wow! That's a LOT of magazines!

But, I guess my carelessness can be someone else’s gain. I’ll see if any of my ‘yarn friends’ would like to put them to good use. So, check your magazine stash and see if you’re missing any issues.

Below is a list of the issues that need homes:

  • Knit ‘n Style, June 2007
  • Knitter’s Magazine, Issue 104 (2011)
  • Creative Knitting
    March 2007
    March 2010
    January 2011
    May 2011

  • Love of Knitting
    Fall 2009
    Spring 2010
    Spring 2011
    Winter 2011

  • Interweave Crochet, Summer 2011
  • Crochet Today, May/June 2010

And photos of the covers, so you won’t make the same mistake I did!!



If you see one you want, just let me know. You can send me a message on Facebook:
My Facebook page Send me a friend request if we’re not friends already.

If you can afford a couple of bucks for postage, that would be appreciated. If not, don’t let that stop you from claiming one for yourself. Someone might as well get some use out of them!

Freeform Fever!

Feeling like I’ve taken on more projects than I can possibly finish, and what did I do? I started a Facebook Freeform Crochet group. What the heck was I thinking???

Well, I know what I was thinking–I was thinking how much I miss doing the freeform challenges with the Yahoo! group I used to belong to. And I was thinking how much I’d like to get back into something a little wild and crazy and creative! So there you are…. Dodie’s Freeforming For Fun and Friendship (say that three times really fast!)


Here I sit, pilfering through all the little scrumbles I made so long ago....

I got so excited I dug out one of my baskets of scrumbles from a couple of years back. Oh, what a mother-lode of inspiration!! I used to love doing this–why did I ever stop?? Ah yes, life interfered…. and I had to set it aside for less fun things :( But those ‘non-fun’ things are now long over with, and I am a free woman…. free to indulge myself playing with yarn 24/7 if I want (I WANT, I WANT!!) No more dragging myself out of the house at the crack of dawn, no more ‘more-money-than-time’…. This is the life!!!

Yes, I think it’s high time I started feeling FREE again!!



Here they are, from a different angle


Here are a few of my favorite little pieces. And see that pink and green one? It's SO FREE-form that I couldn't even tell whether I knitted it or crocheted it! Ha-ha!


A fun little concoction of blue and fluff


Some cool colors


And some fall colors


Some trees from a never-finished project

Play Day

Today was a day to just have some fun with my yarn. I need to take a break from making afghan squares, and just do some little piddly projects. I think another stash bag qualifies as play, don’t you?

My orange stash bag I started a few days ago is nice, but I decided if I’m going to make very many of those things, I need to find a quicker way. And so, I decided to make a mesh bag.

Double strand, K hook, lots of chains, and very little actual crocheting!


The base of the purple stash bag


First I started out with a couple of rows of single crochet, to create a good firm bottom edge for the bag. Then, I simply worked chains, chains, and more chains, round and round and round until I decided it was long enough.


All finished and ready to fill



Oh my goodness! This thing will expand so much, I could use it as a sleeping bag!!

This thing is massive…. and not even half full. It’s going to expand to hold more yarn than I can even carry! Next one, I think I’ll make about half as tall, and a bit wider!

UFO Time


Poor little unfinished dollies

I feel like I’ve been working for so long on afghan squares, it may be time I take a ‘bear break’. I have completed bears that I need to pack and mail, partially finished bears, bears on the needles, and dolls, dolls, and more dolls in various stages. I’ve bought so much new yarn lately…. and never enough time to make all the things I’d like to. So, I’m designating June the month of the UFOs! Time for me to dig out all those Un-Finished Objects and make some serious progress! Who knows–I may even dig out that pink sweater that I was supposed to have completed by last Christmas. Ha-ha-ha!! NOT!

Also, it’s not a bit too early to start thinking about Christmas presents. So….. CHOP-CHOP, Dodie!!


I can't believe how many unfinished bears and dolls I discovered. I'd better be doing a little more finishing and a little less starting!

Groovy Granny


An old Herrschner book I was lucky enough to find on Amazon!

Well, I’m not a granny, and I’m sure I’m not very groovy…. but maybe I will be soon. The UPS man just delivered a book I’ve been eagerly awaiting, called “Blue Ribbon Afghans”. It contains the pattern for the awesome ‘Groovy Granny’ afghan I discovered the other day. After studying and studying the pictures, I determined that, ‘No way am I going to be able to figure this out!’ So I made my way on over to Amazon and sure enough, there it was, and at a nice little discount too!!

This is definitely NOT your typical old 'granny square' afghan!

The pattern says: “Create a funky new look with a traditional stitch. The secret lies in the unusual–but easy–joining technique.” I sure do hope they’re right. After studying the closeup photo from every angle, I threw up my hands and decided I might spend the rest of my natural life and never get this one figured out!

Here's a larger view of it. Yep, pretty neat!

I haven’t made afghans for many years. I burned myself out on them a number of years ago when I was trying to create designs to sell (Note to self: Dig those out and post them on your blog one of these days….) But this book has a lot of really great designs–interesting, complex designs, and lots and lots of texture and raised stitches. Even if I don’t make very many of them, they’ll give me some great ideas for my afghan square swaps.

This is definitely an intriguing puzzle!

So, here I am, looking a whole lot happier than I did last night after spending an entire evening working on that silly spiral square that I ended up ripping out! Hopefully tonight it will go a little better. Perhaps if I turned off the television, so that my brain could work…..

Geeks Reign!

Today is a day I sure am glad I’m just geeky enough to know how to write my own HTML code and create a web page! Facebook Notes….. you’re just a wee bit annoying for me today!! So, instead of publishing my latest pattern on my JustDodie Knit-Crochet Facebook page, here it is, on my blog…. where it ought to be anyway! :)

For the past two or three days I have been busily working on another freeform crochet block for my afghan swap group, this time in peacock colors! Also, this time, I’ve been charting the entire thing as I went so that I can share the pattern. Makes me feel ever-so-proud to get this pattern written up–but it sure does slow down progress! Hopefully, if I do it more often, I’ll get a little faster.


Peacock Colors Afghan square #4

So, here it is, in all it’s glorious colors–I sure am glad to be working with these colors. I think I’ll be doing quite a few more freeform squares for this one. Maybe some flowers next….

If you’d like to check out the instructions for this block, click here. Meanwhile, I’m heading back to my crochet hook, before it cools off….

Freeform Beige


My entry for the '60 Odd' Freeform Crochet Challenge

I love to do freeform crochet!! I took part in a couple of freeform challenges several years ago when I was active in an online freeform crochet group. My first challenge involved first a yarn exchange (each participant donating their favorite yarn, then a small amount was sent to each person), and then we were free to do whatever we wanted with the yarn we received. The variety of pieces produced was amazing! The project was called Sixty Odd: A Fiber Odyssey because of the 60+ people who took part. This piece was sent on a long trip around the country and I never saw it again. Apparently, it ended up being made into a handbag and auctioned off for charity. :)

A preponderance of posies

My second freeform piece was for a ‘Four Seasons’ project. Not sure why I can’t find it online, but here it is: Spring Flowers. I had to stop taking part in the challenges–too much work made Dodie a very busy and tired girl–yes, even too tired to crochet in the evenings! Luckily for me, that horrible job is behind me now, and ahead of me–nothing but knitting, crocheting and yarn buying!!

Scraps ready, getting ready to do some freeforming!

So, I decided it was time for a little freeforming once again. This time, for the Beiges Afghan Swap. I came up with an interesting, abstract-looking square. I could feel the creative juices flowing again! So yes, I’ll be doing some more for my afghan swaps, and perhaps I’ll even head back to the freeform group and see what they’re up to these days!


And here's the end result--block #15

Happy Birthday, Mom


My mother, age 18

Today would have been my mother’s 81st birthday. She has been gone since 1998. It’s hard to believe.

My mother didn’t knit or crochet. She never learned how. But she sure did do a lot of sewing! Especially when we were little, she sewed so many little dresses and shirts–I have no idea how she found the time. Back in those days we were dirt poor, and Walmart had not yet been invented. So the best way to have nice, inexpensive clothing was to make them yourself.


My mother, high school senior picture

My mother taught me to sew at an early age, and I was making doll clothes long before I arrived in high school and took my first home economics class. Needless to say, I was pretty sure I already knew more about sewing than the teacher did! And maybe I did. After all, my mother was a pretty good teacher!

So, today, no showing off of my own wares: This day is dedicated to my Mommy–I miss you still……