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Defeat, staring me in the face!!

See that tiny little four-color innocuous-looking round thing, towards the bottom center of the photo? Yes, that’s the one–the one labeled EVIL EYE!! This thing has had me tearing my hair out for the better part of an evening!! Yes, it can be made. See the photo above it, in the pattern book? That’s how it’s supposed to look. I know it’s possible–I see the photo. I’ve seen photos online. I’ve even done one before. And as I recall, I had about this much difficulty the last time! But still, I decided to take it on. (Good sense is not what I’m famous for!) How hard could it be the second time around, right? HA! If it wasn’t for sheer stubbornness and determination not to let this thing get the better of me, I’d pick it all up and dump it unceremoniously in the nearest trash can right this second! Instead, I think I’ll pick up the pattern book and toss it across the room! Maybe I’ll have better luck figuring this out on my own!!

The first couple of rounds went well. About round three, I wondered, ‘Shouldn’t I be placing the decreases one stitch farther apart each time? After all, this thing is basically a circle. And I am an expert at circles!!’ But no, the pattern says to continue each round in the same way, increasing every other stitch. Well, sure enough, about five rows into the thing, I could see that I was creating a ruffle, not a flat piece. So….. back to the drawing board.

I started over again, this time (despite what the pattern said to do), spacing my increases as if I were making a plain circle. All was going well when I began to notice my stitch count was off, and I was running out of stitches, before I got each segment of color worked. (It’s a spiral, you have to drop the yarn four times per round and switch colors–YIKES!!). So I thought, no problem, I’ll just ravel out one round until I find where I made my mistake and pick up from there. Hopeless, hopeless, hopeless. In this endless round of color change upon color change, it is absolutely impossible to determine exactly where the beginning of each round is supposed to be, never mind where each color change is supposed to occur. By this time, the blood pressure has bumped up a few pegs, and my head is beginning to throb.

Okay, so no big deal…. I’ll go all the way back to round 1, start from scratch, and figure out what I did wrong….. By now I’m so hopelessly confused, even round 1 is a puzzle to me…….So I began digging through all my pattern books, freeform books, searching the internet…… Help!! I can’t take it any more!!!!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Okay….. I think I’ve figured it out: ‘What I did wrong was……
trying to make this blankety-blank spiral in the first place!!’ Gr-r-r-r-r-r….