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Starry Night–House #2!


End view of house


Working first row of roof


Roof rows completed


Work turned, now ready to begin making wall


Slip stitches worked to keep roof firm (keep it from stretching), and for use later in securing outline stitches to


First row of wall (single crochet) showing where to place stitches, BEHIND previously made, larger slip stitches


Basic house structure and windows finished. Let the sewing begin!


Windows attached


Decorative stitching and outline stitches completed


Imagine that!! They fit together perfectly! Two little houses finished, only eight to go....


And finally, the progress chart

Continuing from where we left off last time….

House #2:

For this one let’s start with the end of the house and make a triangle. With a soft tan color from Bernat called ‘Antique’, chain 12. For first row, work 10 half-double crochets, in FRONT loops only. Continue to work in hdc, decreasing once at each end until, you have 1 stitch left. This is the peak of the roof.

Now, turn and work DOWN the left side of the triangle to start the roof. The roof will be worked in single crochet, back loops only. Every other row, decrease on the side which will be the top (peak) of the roof, and increase on the opposite end (bottom of roof). Work 18 rows, until you had 9 ridges.


Now, for the wall….Switch to a size or two larger hook (I used I), and turn so as to work across the BOTTOM of the roof. You will be working into the ends of the roof rows just worked, on the INCREASE (bottom) side. Slip stitch in the end of every other row, into the TROUGHS between the RIDGES. (11 sts). (We will work a decorative, contrasting color into these slip stitches later).


Switch back to smaller hook size. (I’m using H). Turn and work back across, into ends of rows again. Previously made slip stitches will be lying on the front (right side) of the rows of sc ridges. Working below and behind them into the smaller loops that appear on the ends of each row, whichever loops appear handy and will allow you to pick up stitches evenly, work 18 sc stitches across.


Turn, switch to hdc and, working in front loops only, work 4 rows.

Basic structure of House #2 all finished!! Now, for some teeny-tiny windows. With yellow, make two squares in simple afghan (tunisian) stitch, 4 stitches by 4 rows. Sew these to side of house and use brown stitches to create the appearance of four panes.


Let’s add some shading and highlights…. With desired colors (I used rust, sage green, brown, dusty blue), embroider short, straight stitches along each trough between ridges of roof. With brown, work sc, slip stitch, or slip stitch/chain combination (in any way that you think looks good) around all edges that will be exposed. Don’t be concerned about the missing lower right corner of house, and don’t bother to outline it. House #1 will be fitted into this slot when all the pieces are assembled.

Guess what? We have our second house completed!! Only eight more houses and a church, and then, we’ll be ready to make trees. Lots and lots of trees!!

Last, but not least, our progress chart, to show how much we’ve completed. Maybe tomorrow I can make TWO small houses!

Let’s Van Gogh!!


My all-time favorite painting


All the perfect colors, I'm ready to roll


The letters of Vincent Van Gogh


All the paintings of Vincent Van Gogh, a gift from a friend, many years ago


My favorite cup for my morning tea

I’ve decided to take the plunge and begin a big freeform project that I have thought about doing for years. I’ve collected photos, and just the right colors of yarns. And waited and waited and waited…. because I thought: ‘This is too complicated. What if I can’t do it?’ Well, today is the day!! And guess what? I CAN do it!!


After all…. it IS freeform, right? So I can’t go wrong!! It may not be what someone else might do, but it will be my representation of something I dearly love: Van Gogh’s painting, ‘Starry Night’.

Ahhh yes….. not sure why, but this man, and this painting in particular, have mesmerized me for years. I’ve bought posters. I’ve collected books. I even splurged and paid $8 for a ‘Starry Night’ cup to drink my tea from. But now, it’s time for ‘the real deal’! Well, anyway, my version of the real deal.

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :

So…. let’s get started….

Colors I’ll be using for this first step:
Red Heart Fiesta, ’6347 Light Periwinkle’
Lion Brand Homespun, ‘Blueridge’
Lion Brand Homespun, ‘Montana Sky’
Red Heart Supersaver, ’387 Soft Navy’

Starting at the very bottom of the painting, let’s make some houses:

House #1:

Let’s do a couple of rows of sc in ‘Periwinkle’ (23 sc in row), working in front loop only.


The very bottom of our very first house (the first of many more to come)

Switch to ‘Blueridge’ for roof. Continue to work house upward, decreasing on left end of roof and increasing on right end, switching between roof color and house color. When roof starts to slant inward (to the left) on the right side, decrease on this end also.


Now the roof is on

House #1 trim:

With navy, work single crochets around the edges of roof and shadow areas. Using slip stitches, make door with navy. Switch to ‘Montana Sky’ and a yarn needle and stitch details on roof in short, straight stitches.


There we are--our very first house all finished! Now, that wasn't so hard, was it?

You’re all finished, except for tucking in those dreaded yarn ends!! Yippee!! Another house tomorrow!!

And just to keep me on track, and watch my progress, I found this wonderful line drawing that I’m going to fill in as I complete the pieces:


Whoa!! I've got quite a ways to go, don't I?!?!

A Bit of Freeform

peacock starts


This one surprised me. That often happens! :)

With the completion of all those peacock blocks to urge me on, I figured it was time to incorporate some of those little scrumbles I’ve been toying with (instead of making real blocks, unfortunately). Some bullions, some peacock feathers, and other miscellaneous motifs that I can’t figure out what to do with next. I settled on the three little teal and aqua thingies (that started out with the notion of being flower petals), and decided to add some green, start working round and round, and see what happened. Woo-hoo!! I’m not sure what it is–but, I think I like it!! Not sure whether I want to work it into a square and give it away, or throw in a whole bunch more color and hang it on my own wall. Time will tell… These things often take their sweet time before they tell me what they want to be. Other than this, not much was accomplished at Dodie’s house today.

Burst of Peacock!


This one was so fun. No brain power required. Just go back and forth, back and forth, and make those cute little holes!


Some happy little spring-time flowers


Oh, did this kitty-cat get me in 'trouble'! I decided he was so cute, I wanted to make an entire afghan of cat squares. The next thing you know, I've signed myself up to host a 'cat-ghan' swap!! This ought to be great fun!!


A very pretty yarn called 'Water Lily', Red Heart with Love

I’ve gone a little crazy lately, getting some of my peacock squares finished up. It suddenly occurred to me that I only have another month or so to complete them, and well, I’m awfully slow and easily distracted. So I looked around, got myself organized, and began to see what I could work on.


First I turned out a quick little filet piece in one of my favorite greens. That gave me the incentive to actually work on one I’ve been dawdling over for weeks: the flowers! I made the mesh background for this a long time ago, and about three flowers. Then, I lost interest. Or found something new to pique my interest. Who knows? I can’t bear to work on the same thing two days in a row!!

Next, I decided to finally make the cat square that I’ve been mulling over in my mind for a while.Wow! Did that one ever turn out different from what I envisioned!! That’s the great thing about doing freeform–no rules, no mistakes, and you just never know what you’ll end up with!


After all this, it was time to do another ‘quickie’. I let the yarn do the designing for this one, and it didn’t disappoint! I ended up with an interesting set of stripes.

So, for a little while anyway, I feel like I’m finally catching up….

Freeform Fever!

Feeling like I’ve taken on more projects than I can possibly finish, and what did I do? I started a Facebook Freeform Crochet group. What the heck was I thinking???

Well, I know what I was thinking–I was thinking how much I miss doing the freeform challenges with the Yahoo! group I used to belong to. And I was thinking how much I’d like to get back into something a little wild and crazy and creative! So there you are…. Dodie’s Freeforming For Fun and Friendship (say that three times really fast!)


Here I sit, pilfering through all the little scrumbles I made so long ago....

I got so excited I dug out one of my baskets of scrumbles from a couple of years back. Oh, what a mother-lode of inspiration!! I used to love doing this–why did I ever stop?? Ah yes, life interfered…. and I had to set it aside for less fun things :( But those ‘non-fun’ things are now long over with, and I am a free woman…. free to indulge myself playing with yarn 24/7 if I want (I WANT, I WANT!!) No more dragging myself out of the house at the crack of dawn, no more ‘more-money-than-time’…. This is the life!!!

Yes, I think it’s high time I started feeling FREE again!!



Here they are, from a different angle


Here are a few of my favorite little pieces. And see that pink and green one? It's SO FREE-form that I couldn't even tell whether I knitted it or crocheted it! Ha-ha!


A fun little concoction of blue and fluff


Some cool colors


And some fall colors


Some trees from a never-finished project