Dr. Who???????

One of my Facebook friends asked if I could make some bears for her niece and nephews, one of them being ‘Dr. Who’. Now, being the stuffy little ol’ lady that I am, I had no clue about Dr. Who!! So, after a bit of google searching, and spending an evening watching numerous episodes of this apparently quite popular show that I somehow managed to miss…. I’ve come up with Dr. Who!!

dr-who scarf pattern design

It would appear that, in the land of 'Dr. Who' and his scarf, longer is better. Well..... I surely do aim to please!!!


First, we make a really, REALLY long scarf... in just the right colors....



Then, we set aside and entire evening, just to weave in all those little yarn ends....



All ends snipped, clipped, and tucked, we make a nice young gentleman bear. Notice that this one has real sticky-outy feet (unlike my usual bears)!



All wrapped up in his warm, snuggly scarf.... I want to keep him for myself!!! That's a sign that my design is a success! ;)



I sure do hope that my friend will be pleased. Is the scarf long enough, Colleen?? ;)

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