And, I’m back!

No sense in trying to catch up and pretend that I haven’t been missing-in-action. Let’s just say that, I needed a little break and did I ever take a break!!

While on my break, I did a whole bunch of bear-making! It appears that the last time I did any serious bear-making was way back at the end of May. No wonder I’ve been so grouchy! Knitting bears is my meditation and restorer-of-sanity. Whether for the Mother Bear Project, or for friends, I just love to knit these little fellows. When I finish one, and it’s little face is smiling at me, is a moment of pure happiness! So, let’s catch up on bears….


Poor little unfinished dollies

The last bear I posted a picture of was a faceless clown almost three months ago. I’m happy to report that the clown is now complete, and ready to ship and I have seven more as well! I must confess, not all of these were made during my break. Several were flat bears that I found partially started from back in the days when I didn’t know how to knit in-the-round. So, I finished them up, and happily went back to my double-pointed needles. (Yes, I’m one of those rare breeds who hates to work with circular needles. I’d rather use a dozen dp’s than fight that silly cord of a circular!)

So here we go, in no particular order:


A flat bear started many, many months ago, I stitched up the leg seams, then switched to dps, and finished him up!!


Not sure when I started this bear, but it can't have been that long ago as she was made in-the-round. But, somehow, she got tossed aside and ignored for a while.


This one was started a really long time ago, when I was fiddling with adjusting the pattern to be crocheted in-the-round, with the raglan sleeves. Cute, but I just don't care for the finished product as much. It's not nearly as soft as the knitted ones.


A happy little clown. I tried not to give him a scary clown face though.


And now we're up to present day, and my current 'bear-break'


I love using variegated yarn. It always surprises me!! And let's me relax and knit without too much thinking. :) This was the first one I made NOT the raglan style sleeve. It was a little hard to re-train myself, but I do think I will use this style more from now on.


Another variegated yarn outfit... except for the skirt which I made with baby yarn so that it would drape better.


I promised this one a long time ago, to donate in my nephew's name. I asked what his favorite color was and he said, 'Green.' I think we have plenty o' green in this one!!

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