Let’s Van Gogh!!


My all-time favorite painting


All the perfect colors, I'm ready to roll


The letters of Vincent Van Gogh


All the paintings of Vincent Van Gogh, a gift from a friend, many years ago


My favorite cup for my morning tea

I’ve decided to take the plunge and begin a big freeform project that I have thought about doing for years. I’ve collected photos, and just the right colors of yarns. And waited and waited and waited…. because I thought: ‘This is too complicated. What if I can’t do it?’ Well, today is the day!! And guess what? I CAN do it!!


After all…. it IS freeform, right? So I can’t go wrong!! It may not be what someone else might do, but it will be my representation of something I dearly love: Van Gogh’s painting, ‘Starry Night’.

Ahhh yes….. not sure why, but this man, and this painting in particular, have mesmerized me for years. I’ve bought posters. I’ve collected books. I even splurged and paid $8 for a ‘Starry Night’ cup to drink my tea from. But now, it’s time for ‘the real deal’! Well, anyway, my version of the real deal.

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :

So…. let’s get started….

Colors I’ll be using for this first step:
Red Heart Fiesta, ’6347 Light Periwinkle’
Lion Brand Homespun, ‘Blueridge’
Lion Brand Homespun, ‘Montana Sky’
Red Heart Supersaver, ’387 Soft Navy’

Starting at the very bottom of the painting, let’s make some houses:

House #1:

Let’s do a couple of rows of sc in ‘Periwinkle’ (23 sc in row), working in front loop only.


The very bottom of our very first house (the first of many more to come)

Switch to ‘Blueridge’ for roof. Continue to work house upward, decreasing on left end of roof and increasing on right end, switching between roof color and house color. When roof starts to slant inward (to the left) on the right side, decrease on this end also.


Now the roof is on

House #1 trim:

With navy, work single crochets around the edges of roof and shadow areas. Using slip stitches, make door with navy. Switch to ‘Montana Sky’ and a yarn needle and stitch details on roof in short, straight stitches.


There we are--our very first house all finished! Now, that wasn't so hard, was it?

You’re all finished, except for tucking in those dreaded yarn ends!! Yippee!! Another house tomorrow!!

And just to keep me on track, and watch my progress, I found this wonderful line drawing that I’m going to fill in as I complete the pieces:


Whoa!! I've got quite a ways to go, don't I?!?!

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