A Bit of Freeform

peacock starts


This one surprised me. That often happens! :)

With the completion of all those peacock blocks to urge me on, I figured it was time to incorporate some of those little scrumbles I’ve been toying with (instead of making real blocks, unfortunately). Some bullions, some peacock feathers, and other miscellaneous motifs that I can’t figure out what to do with next. I settled on the three little teal and aqua thingies (that started out with the notion of being flower petals), and decided to add some green, start working round and round, and see what happened. Woo-hoo!! I’m not sure what it is–but, I think I like it!! Not sure whether I want to work it into a square and give it away, or throw in a whole bunch more color and hang it on my own wall. Time will tell… These things often take their sweet time before they tell me what they want to be. Other than this, not much was accomplished at Dodie’s house today.

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