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Sunday Inspiration


It's just as lovely inside!

I took a couple of hours today to pop in at my church and let them know I’m still alive (I’m a rather sporadic attendee at best). And afterwards, out for a bite to eat with my bloke at our favorite Chinese restaurant. I think I may be burning myself out on crocheting afghan squares, so it was nice to get out and think of something different. But when we wandered into the church, what do you suppose I saw everywhere I looked? Apparently, they’ve decided to display the antique lace again for a while. Lovely little crocheted lace tablecloths, everywhere! One in the hallway, another just outside the sanctuary doors, and this gorgeous piece in the foyer:


Lovely old lace tablecloths, just what I needed to give me a little inspiration

I’m afraid my cell phone camera just does not do it justice! I sat and admired and studied this for quite some time, until I figured I’d better break myself away before Duggy went off to eat without me!!

Turns out, he was in no hurry. After this, we decided to go out and sit in the meditation garden for several minutes and admire all the lovely flowers. I couldn’t tell you much about the sermon, but I did find plenty of inspiration today!


I've always loved these gorgeous plants!!