Well, That Was Fun!!

Lots of confusion swirling around over at the ‘Yarnplayers’ group last night. Naturally, being the curious type, I had to find out what it was all about. One of the ladies was trying to complete a square from the book, 99 Granny Squares to Crochet. (It’s #2 if you’d like to give it a try). It seems that the very last round was giving her fits, and another person was trying to help her out…. all by way of Facebook posts!

When last I left them, I think they had both given up and gone to bed and I decided to do the same. But this morning, my curiosity got the better of me and I decided I had to give this thing a try. All went well as I made my way through round 7. Then, sure enough, when I got to round 8 I had pretty much the same reaction: “Okay, I’ve put my treble and my double crochet stitches here, here and here, and I’ve done the corner….. hmmmmm…. what the heck is that long 7-chain going to do? Just dangle there to tickle my toes when it’s finished? No, that can’t be right!! So I studied the pattern some more, tried to figure out what the designer was trying to accomplish, and finally went to Ravelry to study the picture again. Aha! It appears to me as if those puzzling stitches have been worked around that silly 7-chain. Not sure why. Not sure it’s purpose. Except that, maybe it’s simply a connecting strand to make the transition from the side to the corner. Anyway, that’s my conclusion, and I’m going with it. However, may I say, if that was the intention, I certainly would not have written the instructions the way this designer did. So, here we go…. my interpretation, as best I could figure it out, and it looks like the picture, so it must be right (or close enough for my purposes anyway!!)

Here’s where the problem begins. The instructions say, ‘Working in front
the 7-chain loop…..’ Whatever that means!! I tried following literally what the instructions said, ended up with a length of chain just hanging there on the back of the square, with no conceivable purpose. That couldn’t possibly be right!


Inserting the hook for the very first treble

I studied the photo again, and decided that the confusing stitches had actually been worked through both the 7-chain and the 5-chain. Well. That’s certainly not what I got from the instructions! But I went ahead and tried it that way. It seemed to work. I think maybe I got it right. Anyway, once again, it’s good enough for me!!

It seems I do a lot of this ‘make-shift designing’ whenever I’m using a pattern. Maybe that’s why I don’t like to use patterns. I always end up re-designing them anyway! ;)

So here is a series of pictures showing exactly how I did this confusing round on what turned out to be a very lovely square. Quite challenging! And quite fun!


After inserting your hook under both chains, work the tr and 3 dc around both.


First treble completed


Treble and first double crochet completed


All four stitches worked around two chains, and first half of corner completed


Hook inserted under both chains on opposite side of corner, getting ready to repeat the process


Getting ready to make first dc on second side


First dc completed on second side


3 dc and 1 tr completed, ready to move on to working the side stitches


Heading along the side, first sc completed


Here's how the back looks when finished. I don't know if I did it the way the designer intended, but at least there are no loose, dangling chains! :)


And here's the front of the completed square. Turned out very nice, I think. I believe I'll use it for my very first YFA-ICE block!

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