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Freeform Fever!

Feeling like I’ve taken on more projects than I can possibly finish, and what did I do? I started a Facebook Freeform Crochet group. What the heck was I thinking???

Well, I know what I was thinking–I was thinking how much I miss doing the freeform challenges with the Yahoo! group I used to belong to. And I was thinking how much I’d like to get back into something a little wild and crazy and creative! So there you are…. Dodie’s Freeforming For Fun and Friendship (say that three times really fast!)


Here I sit, pilfering through all the little scrumbles I made so long ago....

I got so excited I dug out one of my baskets of scrumbles from a couple of years back. Oh, what a mother-lode of inspiration!! I used to love doing this–why did I ever stop?? Ah yes, life interfered…. and I had to set it aside for less fun things :( But those ‘non-fun’ things are now long over with, and I am a free woman…. free to indulge myself playing with yarn 24/7 if I want (I WANT, I WANT!!) No more dragging myself out of the house at the crack of dawn, no more ‘more-money-than-time’…. This is the life!!!

Yes, I think it’s high time I started feeling FREE again!!



Here they are, from a different angle


Here are a few of my favorite little pieces. And see that pink and green one? It's SO FREE-form that I couldn't even tell whether I knitted it or crocheted it! Ha-ha!


A fun little concoction of blue and fluff


Some cool colors


And some fall colors


Some trees from a never-finished project