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All these lovely colors are going to end up in 20 afghans!

Time to start on a new project for the Yarnplayers group: peacock colors!! Oh yes, all these lovely, bright sparkling colors will appear in this next set of squares for swapping. These are some of my favorites, and I’ve been waiting not so patiently to get started on it! And today was the day!! Yesterday’s shining new ‘plan’ forgotten, I jumped into this bright bag of yarn and produced the components for my very first 12″ block.


These four squares will be single-crocheted together to produce my very first 'Peacock Block' !

All blocked and ready for putting together tomorrow, I can hardly wait to start block #2. But…. I suppose….. I really ought to finish my Beige Afghan Squares first. Over half finished with them, I have only 7 to go. Surely this weekend I can get a few more done. This ‘beige’ project is testing my will power as well as my concentration, as I very much do not like to settle down and complete a big project. So, I suppose, it’s probably good practice for me…. I think I’ll head off to bed now and dream of peacock colors, and tomorrow, it’s back to the beige! And oh, yeah, there’s that little ’201 motif’ plan……

A Plan

A plan…. I need a plan. I am so impulsive–I jump from one project to another, enjoying all the colors and textures along the way, but taking forever to get anything completed! I fancy myself a multitasker, but really, I am just easily distracted or bored. Ha-ha!


A new favorite book

So….. a plan…. hmmm…. I’ve already done the first project in “201 Crochet Motifs, Blocks, Projects and Ideas.” How about if I move to #2, and #3, and see if I can continue on right through #201! A new motif per day, that sounds doable…. Now, if only I don’t get distracted…..

blank wall

Just look at all that blank space, crying out, 'Fill me, fill me... and preferably with lots of color!

So, what will I do with all these colorful little bits? Well, I do have a big, blank, white wall right above my couch where I sit and do all my knitting and crocheting. It sure could use a wild and wonderful freeform wall hanging to liven it up! This is starting to sound like a plan worth pursuing. I’ll start on it right away!


A New Pattern

beiges, block #13

Just completed block #13. Seven to go and then I can start on my next afghan squares swap: 'peacock feather colors'!!

This is a square I made for an afghan swap group I belong to. I’m working right now on squares in beige, cream, taupe. Not my favorites (I love colors–the brighter the better), but I’m having  fun with them anyway, and concentrating more on pattern and texture, rather than the colors.

For this square, I started with a basic pattern from the book 201 crochet motifs, blocks, projects and ideas by Melody Griffiths.

I think I’ll try it again soon, perhaps in the ‘peacock feather’ colors that we’ll be using for our second swap.

Instructions for this square are  here. If you’d like to see all the blocks for this project that I’ve completed so far, they’re on my Beige Afghan Swap page.

Day One

I think it’s time…..I’ve been wanting to have a genuine blog for my knit and crochet projects for quite some time. I think that Facebook has finally pushed me to do it!! No more dealing with ‘Where’s my Notes?’ or ‘Why can’t I resize this header?’ or ‘Help, my page has gone UGLY and I can’t make it stop!!!’ He-he-he!!! Bye-bye, Facebook: YOU’RE FIRED!!!!!


I love to make bears!!!