Geeks Reign!

Today is a day I sure am glad I’m just geeky enough to know how to write my own HTML code and create a web page! Facebook Notes….. you’re just a wee bit annoying for me today!! So, instead of publishing my latest pattern on my JustDodie Knit-Crochet Facebook page, here it is, on my blog…. where it ought to be anyway! :)

For the past two or three days I have been busily working on another freeform crochet block for my afghan swap group, this time in peacock colors! Also, this time, I’ve been charting the entire thing as I went so that I can share the pattern. Makes me feel ever-so-proud to get this pattern written up–but it sure does slow down progress! Hopefully, if I do it more often, I’ll get a little faster.


Peacock Colors Afghan square #4

So, here it is, in all it’s glorious colors–I sure am glad to be working with these colors. I think I’ll be doing quite a few more freeform squares for this one. Maybe some flowers next….

If you’d like to check out the instructions for this block, click here. Meanwhile, I’m heading back to my crochet hook, before it cools off….

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