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Freeform Beige


My entry for the '60 Odd' Freeform Crochet Challenge

I love to do freeform crochet!! I took part in a couple of freeform challenges several years ago when I was active in an online freeform crochet group. My first challenge involved first a yarn exchange (each participant donating their favorite yarn, then a small amount was sent to each person), and then we were free to do whatever we wanted with the yarn we received. The variety of pieces produced was amazing! The project was called Sixty Odd: A Fiber Odyssey because of the 60+ people who took part. This piece was sent on a long trip around the country and I never saw it again. Apparently, it ended up being made into a handbag and auctioned off for charity. :)

A preponderance of posies

My second freeform piece was for a ‘Four Seasons’ project. Not sure why I can’t find it online, but here it is: Spring Flowers. I had to stop taking part in the challenges–too much work made Dodie a very busy and tired girl–yes, even too tired to crochet in the evenings! Luckily for me, that horrible job is behind me now, and ahead of me–nothing but knitting, crocheting and yarn buying!!

Scraps ready, getting ready to do some freeforming!

So, I decided it was time for a little freeforming once again. This time, for the Beiges Afghan Swap. I came up with an interesting, abstract-looking square. I could feel the creative juices flowing again! So yes, I’ll be doing some more for my afghan swaps, and perhaps I’ll even head back to the freeform group and see what they’re up to these days!


And here's the end result--block #15