Two Little Bears

red and green bear

A little fellow who mutated from a valentine bear to a Christmas bear

Time to switch back to bear-making for a while. These two little fellows were started, oh, a few months ago, then allowed to languish in the UFO basket as I got on with other things…. like afghan squares and purses. This little fellow in green and red was supposed to be a Valentine bear. When I realized the red just was not the right shade for Valentine’s Day, I put him aside. Now he has a green sweater and warm, snuggly muffler….. perfect for Christmas… just about four months too late!
psychedelic bear

Some bright colors for a tiny little bear

Now this short fellow, in the brightly colored orange, red, and yellow outfit is one of my favorites. Made from one of my favorite yarns (Deborah Norville’s Everyday Soft Worsted–’Flashback’). Perhaps that’s why I like it–it reminds me of the psychedelic colors of my misspent youth! Ha-ha!! Not that I spent my youth doing much other than crocheting and roller skating….. I love these colors so much, I’m not sure I’ll be able to part with this bear, but I’m sure some child in Africa needs him far more than I do. Now that these guys are done, it’s time to ship off another box of bears to Minnesota. This will make a total of 30 I’ve completed for the Mother Bear Project

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