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Catching Up


The nucleus of block 6.... patiently waiting for me to finish it

I discovered a little beige square, only six inches across, patiently waiting for me in my basket of beige yarn. This was supposed to be block #6 of the Beige Afghan Swap, for which I have now completed 14 squares. Well, make that 13. It seems that I lost interest in this one along the way, and never did complete it. Not that there’s a thing wrong with it. I guess I just got bored. Or distracted. Or couldn’t wait to get on with a new project. That happens a lot. So, in the interest of getting rid of a few more things that have been hanging over my head for far too long….

Block #6, well worth the wait

Not much left really, to finish…. I added a few simple rounds of double crochet, a couple of accent rounds in tan to add some texture and interest, and yippee–another UFO completed!! I like it a little more than I expected to…. some luscious cream colored yarn there!