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Back to the Beige


Frogging..... AGAIN!!

I headed back to the basket of beige yarns today. I have a June 4 deadline to get these twenty blocks finished, and I still have seven to go! I thought this would be a simple and quick one–just some simple stripes in double crochet. That’s what I get for thinking!! I lost track of the times I ripped this one out and started over. It almost defeated me. Then I remembered a saying that some wise person once said: ‘If you keep doing the same thing over and over again and keep getting the same results…..’ Well, it dawned on me, perhaps–despite the fact that I am following the pattern precisely–perhaps I am doing something wrong!!!

So, I set the pattern book aside, analyzed the situation to figure out what the problem might be, and realized, ‘This crazy thing is simply not decreasing along the middle diagonal line as it’s supposed to. What if…. what if I decreased one more stitch each row?’



Block #14 for the Beige Afghan Swap

Eureka!! I’m a genius!!! Ha-ha-ha!! So here we are, finally after the umpteenth try, I have a perfectly square…. square ! Gee, no wonder I prefer to work without a pattern most of the time. Patterns just seem to cause me to turn my brain off!