Bag Day


The fun part is all finished....

It’s time I finish up a project I started some time ago for a friend. Two little crocheted bags, not difficult or time consuming at all, and yet I have been working on them for weeks. Or perhaps the problem is, I’ve not been working on them! :(

These little bags are only 6″ x 7 3/4″ and really don’t take long at all to make. The problem arises when I get the crocheting all finished and I realize <groan…..> now there’s sewing to be done!!! Yes, there is fabric to be cut, a sewing machine to be operated, and several inches of hand-stitching required in order to make the lining. And I am not a person who enjoys sewing of any sort!

So, I let the finished purses lie around for days….. and days….. and days…. until I was so ashamed at the delay that I finally forced myself to get on it and get the job done. How long did it take? Oh, about one hour each! I am such a ding-a-ling!!


The dreaded sewing

But eventually, even I can no longer find excuses to drag my feet and realize, there’s only one way this is gonna get done: JUST DO IT!! Now I can notify my friend and let her know that the job is finished. She thinks that I am the ‘Crochet Queen’…. maybe I’ll just let her think it really did take this long to do! :)


Pretty little linings installed.....


Some decorative flowers to finish them off....

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