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Evening on the Town


Oh, yeah--I can still do this!!

Not much time for yarn this evening as this lady spent the evening going out to eat…… and roller skating!! Yep, I’ve still got it!! Not quite as graceful as I was when I was young, but at least I got up every time I fell down! :)


Oh, I'm just loving these yummy colors!!

Despite this fun evening on the town spent with my sister and sister-in-law, I did manage to produce one teeny little motif. This was a test motif of the pattern I posted for the Four Petal Square. Done in more of the ‘peacock’ colors of Monday ‘s squares, I think I will add some rounds of double crochet to bring it up to 12 inches, and I’ll have my second square for this project finished!

Wish I could stay up and crochet some more, but it’s 2:00 a.m. and all that skating wore me out!! So, it’s off to bed for me!!