Big Yarn Run


What time is it???? Time to go buy yarn!!!

After punching the snooze button for 40 minutes, finally, I’ve managed to pry my eyes open and haul myself out of bed. And why am I out of bed at this ungodly hour? In the morning??? Because today I’m going shopping–for yarn! My neighbor, Emily, needs to buy yarn so that she can have an afghan made for a new baby that is due to arrive in her family soon. Emily is one of those people who wakes up at 3:00 a.m. and can’t go back to sleep. Me, on the other hand…. I sit up all night watching cable news programs and knitting…. or crocheting as was the case last night. Then I sleep half the day away. Finally dragged myself off to bed at 4:00 a.m. but then I tossed and turned until almost 6:00. So, I’m guessing, I’ll run out of steam along about the middle of this shopping trip.


This is known simply as 'The Yarn Room'

But here I am, up and at ‘em by 11:00. I figure we’ll hit two or three yarn stores at least, probably taking a break somewhere in there to graze at the local food bar.

Deeper into the labyrinth we go.... If a little old lady falls off a folding chair, into a mountain of yarn, does it still hurt? I can attest that, yes, it does!

I’m not at all sure whether I’ll even bring home any yarn. I usually have to be in just the right frame of mind (usually needing a little psychological boost!). But I’ll try to force myself…. just to be sociable, you know. :) And as you can plainly see, my yarn room is in dire need of replenishing!

Well, I’ve downed my morning tea, so I’d best be getting myself ready. Wouldn’t want Emily to think I’ve overslept and forgotten about her. Results of the yarn run to follow later….


Not bad for someone who just went along for the ride, and had no intention of buying any yarn!

And the winner is……. ME!! To think that I actually tried to convince Emily to go someplace other than Walmart because I didn’t think they had a very good selection of yarn colors!! Ha-ha! Looks like I made quite a haul, considering…. Oh, and what did Emily buy? Six skeins of blue, for a baby blanket. I am such an out-of-control yarn-o-holic!

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