All these lovely colors are going to end up in 20 afghans!

Time to start on a new project for the Yarnplayers group: peacock colors!! Oh yes, all these lovely, bright sparkling colors will appear in this next set of squares for swapping. These are some of my favorites, and I’ve been waiting not so patiently to get started on it! And today was the day!! Yesterday’s shining new ‘plan’ forgotten, I jumped into this bright bag of yarn and produced the components for my very first 12″ block.


These four squares will be single-crocheted together to produce my very first 'Peacock Block' !

All blocked and ready for putting together tomorrow, I can hardly wait to start block #2. But…. I suppose….. I really ought to finish my Beige Afghan Squares first. Over half finished with them, I have only 7 to go. Surely this weekend I can get a few more done. This ‘beige’ project is testing my will power as well as my concentration, as I very much do not like to settle down and complete a big project. So, I suppose, it’s probably good practice for me…. I think I’ll head off to bed now and dream of peacock colors, and tomorrow, it’s back to the beige! And oh, yeah, there’s that little ’201 motif’ plan……

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