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A Plan

A plan…. I need a plan. I am so impulsive–I jump from one project to another, enjoying all the colors and textures along the way, but taking forever to get anything completed! I fancy myself a multitasker, but really, I am just easily distracted or bored. Ha-ha!


A new favorite book

So….. a plan…. hmmm…. I’ve already done the first project in “201 Crochet Motifs, Blocks, Projects and Ideas.” How about if I move to #2, and #3, and see if I can continue on right through #201! A new motif per day, that sounds doable…. Now, if only I don’t get distracted…..

blank wall

Just look at all that blank space, crying out, 'Fill me, fill me... and preferably with lots of color!

So, what will I do with all these colorful little bits? Well, I do have a big, blank, white wall right above my couch where I sit and do all my knitting and crocheting. It sure could use a wild and wonderful freeform wall hanging to liven it up! This is starting to sound like a plan worth pursuing. I’ll start on it right away!