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A religion old or new, that stressed the magnificence of the universe as revealed by modern science, might be able to draw forth reserves of reverence and awe hardly tapped by the conventional faiths. Sooner or later, such a religion will emerge.
Carl Sagan
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These writings are the beginning of a blog that I soon abandoned, as I withdrew from the world and began a long, scary spiral into the depths of depression. The writings end on April 13. During the next three months, I spent less and less time in my own world, and more and more time hiding out at my brother's house, huddled on their couch watching television for hours at a time as I felt myself helplessly losing my tenuous grip on hope. By the end of July, I bottomed out, sought medical help, and began the long trek back. Don't be afraid to read it though. When my inner life got really scary, I forsook this web site for the private hell of my own private, handwritten journal. It is an interesting journey though, and looking back, I am able to find quite a bit of insight here that I couldn't find at the time. It's hard to say... perhaps I sometimes spend TOO much time looking back and analyzing. But one benefit of being an obsessive, lifelong journaler is, if I read back far enough, I can see that I really have 'come a long way, baby!!' Wasn't it ol' Socrates himself who said, 'The unexamined life is not worth living'? Well, mine must be worth a hell of a lot then, because I sure have spent many hours examining it!!

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  Let's get started    There Comes a Time...   a wonderful essay... but not by me...
  February 10, 2009   Permission to DO NOTHING   maybe we need to re-evaluate what we've always believed was true
  February 26, 2009   REALITY? Now What Exactly IS That???   my mini-epiphany
  March 9, 2009   A Bit of a Paradigm Shift....For Me   letting go of old non-working beliefs
  March 10, 2009   Terrified at the Thought of Loving Myself   still rooting out those old beliefs...the really tough ones!
  March 12, 2009   Why DID Jesus 'Have To' Die???   my own personal interpretation of the 'plan of salvation'
  March 15, 2009 is This Thing Called God???   why I like the idea of an 'impersonal' God
  March 27, 2009   "IT'S ALL GOOD".....Oh, Really??????   I beg to differ a bit.... and that's okay too!
  March 28, 2009   Reliving the 'Good Old Days'   revisiting the past reminds me of who I AM
  March 30, 2009   In All Honesty....maybe even too much honesty???   a little look into where some of this is coming from
  April 5, 2009   How Does Everyone Else Do It?   Rats! More damn existential angst!!
  April 6, 2009   Could It Be? Am I Just Trying Too Hard??   a living example of the old saying: 'Can't see the forest for the trees'
  April 10, 2009   Metaphysically Speaking, of Course   sometime, Dodie, you really need to start thinking for yourself!!
  April 12, 2009   Easter and Other Such Peculiarly Christian Holidays   ....and why they don't mean much to me  
  April 13, 2009   Forgiveness, and the Breaking of Will   a bit intense, but not unjustified