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Musings, Ramblings and Minor Insights
March 9, 2009

A Bit of a Paradigm Shift... For Me
.....It seems to be self-evident that no one can ever fully understand my perspective or my feelings, simply because THEY ARE NOT ME. And I can never fully understand another person's perspective or feelings, because I AM NOT THEM. All my life I've thought that understanding was so necessary, such an important goal. It's what I wanted so desperately, what I thought we all needed in order to make our lives, and the world, a better, happier place. Now, quite suddenly, I have had a shift in my perspective, and I see that ACCEPTANCE might be a much simpler and quicker way to dissolve problems and improve our world. Maybe understanding is highly overrated, and will never really work--simply because we can never know, no matter how hard we might try, what another person is feeling.

So, perhaps it would be more useful, more peaceful, for me to just accept that people feel what they feel because that's just how they feel, and STOP TRYING SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND WHY! Yes, it causes a great sense of loss in me because I have always wanted to understand and be understood, more than anything else. But I think I see now that, because of the nature of our world, and how we are designed (as discrete individual minds), this may be one of those impossible, frustrating dreams that we can never fully achieve. So, this means that I may have to give up a life-long dream that I strongly believed in--to be understood, and subsequently accepted as the person that I am, BASED ON THAT UNDERSTANDING.

I may have to look into the possibility of a whole new dream: ACCEPTANCE OF THINGS AND PEOPLE JUST AS THEY ARE. JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE. Choosing to be accepting of whatever is, without feeling it necessary to understand it, or determine whether it IS acceptable. Just declare that the whole thing is acceptable, and accept it. Period. It jumps out at me as obvious that this kind of 'PURE ACCEPTANCE' would mean NO JUDGEMENT because by definition 'acceptance' is the opposite of judgement!

I really like this idea of 'PURE ACCEPTANCE', even though it seems like it might be a really hard thing to put into practice... I wonder, maybe this ACCEPTANCE is what the religions are declaring that the great sages taught--like Jesus for example. Pure acceptance: 'You're okay, no matter what--simply because you are.' If I could give myself, as well as other people, that pure, unconditional acceptance--what a different world we might live in! And here's a thought: what if I gave it--to myself and to others--without regard to whether they give it to me or not? What if my giving it to myself was enough, and it would no longer matter whether I got it back from everyone else? What if acceptance from even a few people was just icing on the cake, because if I fully loved myself first, it would no longer matter what people thought--about me, about the world, about anything? What a little glimpse of heaven!! Is this what they are referring to when people talk about 'love'? Wow! I had no idea!

Maybe this kind of acceptance/love is what my minister at church is advocating/teaching/practicing. Maybe this is what she sees Jesus as having taught. Maybe that's why she is so crazy about him!

What a different concept from anything I've ever learned, practiced or believed! This is so intense, and such a surprise to me--I think I have to go sit on my cushion and just ponder this for a while. I just don't know what to think of it......!

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