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"Only when literal truth is challenged are we able to float in the profound and limitless sea of ultimate truth."
John Shelby Spong
Resurrection: Myth or Reality? p.40
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"Happy For No Reason:
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"Communion With God:"
  by Neale Donald Walsch

"Everything You Need to Know"
to Feel Go(o)d
  by Candace Pert

Musings, Ramblings and Minor Insights
February 26, 2009

REALITY? Now What Exactly IS That???
I've always fancied myself a reality-oriented kind of gal. Don't give me any of your warm, fuzzy fairy tales--just the facts please. All I wanted was to live my life in 'reality', assured of what is, and what isn't. It seemed so sound, so secure, so certain. Now, well, I've gotta wonder....

Western thought seems to be grounded in reality. Just consider our 'scientific method' of exploring and learning about our world. No room for error there, right? We do all the experiments, we uncover all the facts, and we draw our conclusions: There you go, there's your 'truth', there's your 'reality'.

We westerners really can't be blamed for our inability to visualize our world in any other way. After all, what else is there except what we can see? What else is there except what we can touch and smell and measure? What other way is there to see the world anyway? It's hard to think outside the box of solid, physical reality. It's all we've been taught, all we've believed in, for hundreds of years. Whenever we do hear of another way to perceive 'reality', it sort of just bounces off of our consciousness as so much namby-pamby silliness. Not to be taken seriously at all. We can smile knowingly and humor the mystics and all their imaginings, but take it seriously? Oh, no, not me!! No sir, I have to be realistic? Right??

Well, let's just see.... Turns out that quantum physicists, genuine hard-core scientists (the gods of our western religion of Science) are discovering that our universe is just a little bit beyond strange, when you get right down to it! They're telling us that we, the observers, affect what we thought was objective reality. We can't even make an observation of objective reality without having some effect on the outcome. That's not exactly objective, is it?

Einstein is not the only one who was troubled by this spooky stuff. The more I read, the more I'm starting to realize: my 'reality' that I've so diligently searched for... DOESN'T EVEN EXIST!! And it never will exist. Because it can't. That's just not the way the universe works after all. By the time I think I find it, it will have changed! My very searching, is changing it! Every person, every thing, is a moving, changing, living, conscious 'REALITY' that is in a constant state of flux. Each of us is immersed in and made up of our very own unique blend of fields of energy and vibrating information-filled, waves of consciousness, created by our own thoughts, actions, and interactions. Each day, each moment, we continue to create and change our reality, and even as it moves and pulsates and LIVES around and through us, our physical senses and our minds look out upon what we think we see 'out there,' and we see it as solid, static, and relatively unchanging. Nothing could be further from the truth! There is not one thought, not one blink of an eyelid, that isn't added to the totality of the universe, changing it in ever-so-small ways--day-by-day, minute-by-minute, second-by-second, on down to the subatomic intervals of trillionths of seconds that our human minds cannot even begin to fathom. Nevertheless, at every level, large or small, this intricate dance goes on--acting, reacting, and interacting. Every thought that has ever been, every thought that ever will be--they are all, at the very core, the 'energy stuff' that our entire universe is composed of. Energy--that magic stuff that is not stuff, the very life, the very thinking, living Mind that we are made of--consciousness. What is it? I'm sure I don't know, and I may never know. But I can 'KNOW' it as my experience. I can 'KNOW' it as my very being. I can feel it, I can experience it, I can KNOW that I am an integral part of a massive, marvelous, intricate, inexplicable BEING-ness that is all interconnected and all that there is. All-That-Is: we/you/me/stuff/trees/clouds--everything--alive and moving and BE-ing.

I have my suspicions.... I think that this unfathomable, interconnected ALL-ness..... it's what folks are referring to when they talk about: GOD. There is nothing else, and we are all a part of it. We all emanate from it, we all have our existence in it. No one is not a part of it.

So, this is what the 'REAL GOD' is--Wow! Kinda makes that grouchy fellow up in the sky look pretty puny by comparison, doesn't it?!

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