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All those Nofies... and how they came to be....
The Story of Nofie
The Original Nofie
Once upon a time, a lady who loved to knit and crochet--but HATED to embroider (that would be me!), created this simple little doll.... Because it lay around for so long with no face, I began to refer to it as my "no face" doll, eventually shortened to "nofie"--Hence, the name: NOFIE.

This has always been one of my very favorite items to make, and I've made tons of them. Eventually I began tweaking them... a little bigger, a little smaller.... skinny, fat, and, yes, I even learned how to embroider and they finally got faces!! But they still remain "Nofie", no matter what.

Here's some of my current collection. They range anywhere from 5" to 12" tall:
Green Knitted Nofie Crocheted Nofie in fall colors Crocheted Nofie in pinks Tiny crocheted Nofie in scarlet
Pinafore Paula
(named for my sister)
Large Nofie in Red & Blue Red & White Knitted Nofie
Large Nofie in Red & Teal
Peachy Crocheted Nofie
Crocheted Nofie in pastels Chubby Nofie in Red & Green Sunshine Nofie Crocheted Fiesta Nofie Knitted brown Nofie
Chubby Nofie in Blue & Pink Bright Pink Nofie Red/White/Blue Nofie Knitted Nofie
(for my sister, Wanda)
Knitted Green & Coral
Crocheted Tan Nofie Bright Orang-y Nofie
Nofie with Blue Stripes
coming soon........ the Original Nofie pattern...available for free download!
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