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March 13, 2009

Just a little update on the poncho....Piece #1 (out of 2) now measures 19". So I'm half finished with the first half... not to mention assembly and edging. And, I'm thinking I may run out of yarn. I'm beginning to think this was not such a good idea. It was fun the first go-around. By now, I'm thoroughly bored with the whole thing. Ah, well, such is life.... I'll get lots of movies watched while I finish it!!

On a much more fun note... I worked all afternoon on a brand new page called The Story of Nofie. Nofie is a doll that I designed years ago. It was originally very simple with all straight lines and square corners. As the the years went by, I've tweaked and improvised and added to it to create all kinds of variations. Soon, I hope to be making the patterns (both crocheted and knitted versions) available for free download. As soon as I can get the instructions written out. That's always the hardest part!

Can't wait to get this poncho finished so I can get back to my
Peruvian print sweater....
But that'll have to wait......
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