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I've decided it's time for a Knit/Crochet blog. After all, I have the time now.... (gee, isn't unemployment... er.... RETIREMENT a wonderful thing?! So, without further fanfare, let's jump right in...

March 11, 2009

Uh-oh.... sad news.... Grace's nice, new poncho.... it didn't fit! I kept asking her, "You want to try it on before I put on the edging?" Next time, I won't ask--I'll insist! So I decided to remove the edging, undo the seams and add a couple inches before replacing the edging. Once I got it apart, added the new rows and tried to put it back together, something was drastically wrong. The two pieces are nowhere near the same size. I'm talking: No way can I fix this by blocking! Plus, at each row of open work, the entire piece draws inward like an hourglass. I can't believe I didn't notice this when I assembled it the first time. So I made an executive decision--the whole thing is coming apart and I'm gonna adjust the pattern to fix this annoying little problem. One thing I'm planning to do is turn every chain-3 into a chain-4 in the lace openwork rows and relax all those loop-ti-loos. Also, I've added a total of 4" to the width of the original pieces (to allow a little more breathing room for Grace's bodacious ta-ta's!!

So, ummmmm...... let's see if I can get this finished in time for her to get any use out of it this winter. After all, spring will be here in less than two weeks.

Now, on to yet another frogging job.....

This is one of the coolest yarns I've ever seen! It's just good old Red Heart Super Saver, but I love the way the color pattern developed. It is one of the most unusual variegateds I've ever worked with.

I was so proud of myself for having managed to start each side at just the right point and getting the stripes to match, that I totally overlooked the fact that, uh, the two sides are an inch different! I even compared them after I finished the second one, and thought they matched. Ah, well... my excuse is it was wa-a-a-a-y late and I just wanted to finish them before I went to bed. At least I won't have to rip out the whole thing this time!
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